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U Of S Aspa Collective Agreement

The purpose of this association committee is to manage the trust and pay exceptional expenses or expenses expressly approved by the executive in collective bargaining, arbitration or other procedures relating to the terms of employment of members of the Faculty of the University of Saskatchewan. The committee consists of four members and meets about three times a year. By law, St. Thomas More College is responsible for the task of training students and must therefore ensure that its actions and decisions are always made in the best interests of the people it serves. The corporate governance structure, which was set up to perform the oversight function and perform this legal function, includes a board of governors and ownership of a corporation of members representing their Catholic riding: the dioceses of Saskatchewan, members in the large area, Ae alumni, Basilian fathers, STM students , the faculties and the campus ministry. STM`s responsibility in its federation relationship with the largest university community is defined in the University Council (IX) regulations and is further based on the principles set out in the Academic Federation Agreement for the Enhancement of the Liberal Arts 2005-06 (AFAELA) for the academic program and in the Revised Infrastructure Services Agreement 2003-04 (RISA) in the administrative field. In addition, St. Thomas More Faculty is represented by the St. Thomas More College Faculty Union (STMFU), founded in 1977, and by the STM-STMFU collective agreement 2002-05. However, non-academic workers who are not formally represented by a Union comply with a Board of Governors which follows, as far as possible, the practice of compliance with the guidelines and procedures of the human resources department of the UofS, in particular the 1975 CupE collective agreements and the ASPA collective agreements for CUPE-Equivalent and ASPA-Equivalent employees.

Students enrolled in the STM are represented by the St. Thomas More College Students Union (STMSU). Newman Centre is also a group of students at the STM, and Newman is open to all UofS students regardless of their college. From an administrative point of view, the president, the dean and the comptroller lead St.`s work.

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